Sunday, July 1, 2012

Zilant Monastery

Today I went to Zilant Monastery, a monastery for Orthodox nuns. Since I grew up across the lake from a Carmelite nuns monastery I was interested to check it out. Similar to the priests here the nuns here wear black robes with another black shawl covering their head. We arrived in the middle of Sunday mass which was interesting to see because there are no pews, everyone just stands there for the entire mass. It kind of makes all those Sundays I spent in church sitting and kneeling seem sort of weak now! We weren't allowed to take pictures inside the church otherwise I could have shown you all of this. Here is a picture of me just inside the monastery, I remembered to bring my scarf along today since women have to cover their heads inside the churches.

This is the entry way to the monastery (left) and one of the small chapels on the grounds of the monastery (right).

This is a memorial to the priests and nuns who were killed at this monastery during the Russian Civil War.
This is a view of the monastery from the main is perched on a hill with woods surrounding it.

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