Saturday, June 30, 2012

A funny story about miscommunication.....

I have been in Kazan now for a month and when I first arrived, my babyshka told me (or so I thought) that the washing machine didn't work) so I have been washing my clothes by hand since I arrived. My babyshka tried to take a pile of clothes from me earlier in the week thinking I was going to wash them when instead I was going to take a shower...which forced me to learn the verbs for both functions (so I guess it was a good lesson to learn)! I wasn't going to have a 60 year old woman washing all my clothes by hand so I decided to do laundry this weekend while she was gone. This is not a small task and usually takes entire weekend with five different loads of different laundry in order to get everything clean. Then it takes another couple of days for everything to dry. Below is a picture of what our bathroom looked like after round 1 of laundry on Friday night. 

Since I start with underwear and smaller things, those usually dry by the end of the next day when I can move on to the bigger things which I washed all by hand tonight. My babyshka came home from the Dacha tonight and I told her I did laundry. She went in to look at everything sopping wet including my jeans which are the roughest to wash by hand and she said why didn't you let me use the machine to wash them. I said well I thought the machine was broken and she said no she is just the only who can work it properly because the machine is old and there are some glitches that only she can fix to make it work correctly. I felt so stupid and she was probably thinking I was such an idiot because I spent hours washing my laundry by hand. So the moral of the story is don't assume anything and always ask questions! Thankfully this story has a happy ending because I won't have to spend any more Friday and Saturday nights in Kazan doing my laundry!

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