Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Raising Awareness on Human Trafficking

One of the biggest compliments people can give to me is telling me the before they met me they knew nothing about human trafficking. Over the years, through my lectures and presentations, more and more people are informed on this issue and now it is rare for me in the US at least to find someone who has never heard ever of human trafficking (thank you Taken, the movie).  However, I find myself in this situation more and more in Russia. We had to do a final project for the CLS program where we interviewed someone about a theme of interest to us and naturally I chose my dissertation topic human trafficking. 

Since I am volunteering at Fatima and did interviews for my research there, it was easy to kill two birds with the proverbial stone. For my assignment I had to write a 1500 word essay on human trafficking in Russian and give a 15 minute presentation on it. I wrote the essay and had my tutor correct it for me and at the end of a long meeting where we dissected the meaning of many words she said I can't believe this is happening in Russia. I was told this again by the directer of our program after I gave my presentation to our Group Two class today. This reaction still surprises me because through my research I learn about all the activities NGOs in Russia do to raise awareness to human trafficking (the pictures of some of these campaigns are featured above) but still there are so many average Russians who do not know about this horrible crime. Still I have hope that every presentation I make and all the people I talk to about this crime makes a little dent in raising awareness to this issue, I know we still have a long way to go! So if you are reading this article tell someone what you learned today and help spread the word.....who knows you might stop someone you know and love from becoming a victim!

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