Thursday, July 19, 2012

Boat Trip: Fun times

The boat trip was also nice because we got to relax and take a break from classes and studying for a bit. So my last post about the trip includes the fun social photos from all of our down time on the trip. This picture is a bunch of us relaxing on the not so sunny sun deck!

Our professor going over the poems and songs we have to know for our final concert!
Some of the CLS students participating in the cultural activities with the Russians who were also on the boat. I won a chance (which was just a piece of paper with the word chance in Russian on it) for having the shortest last name in the room. In Russian Dean is spelled with three letters Дин. 

Dance party at the back of the boat with one of the CLS students DJing.
Our new Russian friend a psychology professor from Samara. We had an interesting conversation about statistics and the lack of human subjects clearance necessary to conduct research in Russia.
Our last picture as we pulled back into port with my fellow students from Montana, Missouri, Pennsylvania, and Wyoming.

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