Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Boat Trip: Kozmodemyansk

Our next stop on the boat trip was Kozmodemyansk, a small town in the Mari El Republic, a Finno-Ugric and pagan republic along the Volga. It was pouring out when we got to this stop but a couple of us were sick on being on the boat and so we got to explore the city of 20,000 which seemed more like 5,000. This is a photo of the town from the boat.

No town in Russia, no matter the size, is complete without a statue of Lenin!
My friends walking in the down pour along the main street of Kozmodemyansk. One of them said this is the kind of town people get trafficked from and it was a proud moment for me because they actually listened to my research about human trafficking!
 Another World War II Memorial

 We climbed up to an Orthodox church that overlooked the town.

This is me with a view of the town and our boat in the background seconds before my shoe got stuck in two feet of mud!
This is a statue of Ivan the Terrible or Ivan Grozny in Russian. He plotted his assault  and siege on the Tatars from this city. 

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