Sunday, June 10, 2012

Host Family

While on the program we live with host families, which worried many of the students on the program but since I had such a great experience with my family in Latvia, I was confident the transition would be ok. I live about 20 minutes from the Institute with an older lady who is retired and I call her my Russian babyshka or grandma. I also live with a cat name Toshka. I love cats but unfortunately Matt is allergic to them so we can never get one of I was especially excited to find out that a cat was part of my host family! Her name is Toshka and she is a little grey cat that is about two years old. We live on the first floor so we just leave a window open and Toshka comes and goes as she pleases.  I was excited until 6 am on Sunday morning when she brought home a live mouse to play with in the hallway...I shut my door and when I emerged an hour later the cat and the mouse were gone.

Toshka comes in my room to check out what is going she is sitting on top of the book shelf watching me study!
Like all famous people Toshka doesn't like to have her photo taken!

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