Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Second Day at the NGO

Today I went back to the Women's Crisis Center Fatima to discuss what I would be doing to help them out during my stay in Kazan. I basically met the rest of the staff which included an assistant to the director and two psychologists who were very excited to meet an American. There is also another person who answers the crisis hotline and conducts social services with the victims but I haven't met her yet. The NGO is run out of a small one room office so I should get to know them all very well. 

My colleagues told me that the Center was started by an IREX and the US State Department grant which made me proud of all the work the US government has done to combat this crime around the world. During the meeting I found out a ton more about this organization and the programs that they run and I am really excited to work with a number of enthusiastic women (who speak really quickly in Russian but are very passionate about their work)! I am going to help them out with their website and translate it into English. I also will be working on grants for them since that is how non-profits like this keep their doors open. Then there are various projects and trainings I will be helping out with/observing for my research. Between class and all the Russian homework I have I can only go twice a week after class now but maybe the homework will get easier as the program continues and then I can go more!

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