Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Kyiv Tourism: Part II

We had so much fun in Kyiv that it didn't fit in one blog post. Here is part II of Kyiv touristy things! My friend Josh who is a huge hockey fan told me that the qualifying matches for the Olympics were going to be in Kyiv while we were there so we went to see Ukraine play Spain. As you can probably guess since Spain doesn't really have ice, Ukraine crushed them 8-0. The first period was really close and then Ukraine took over. We had really great seats that cost $5!

Vanessa and I enjoying our wonderful seats!
This is how close I could get to the ice!
Vanessa and I visited the ethnographic museum on the outskirts of Kyiv. At this museum you can see architecture from all different parts of Ukraine so if you can't visit the whole country you can go here and feel like you did!
Also there are huge pysanky eggs!
Enjoying donuts in Independence square!
Sponge Bob and I having a chat...he wanted to know where I was from!
The Golden Gate, the old entrance to the city that was destroyed partially by the Mongols 1240.
Yaroslav the Wise who helped the Rus become great...maybe that is why they call him wise because it kind of all went downhill after him!
Future research projects...with bad spelling!
The outside of St. Sophia's
The inside
St. Andrews juxtaposed with Domino's Pizza!
And yes we did eat there for lunch! It was the first real pizza with a crust I have had in two months...don't judge me!
The Chernobyl Museum... interesting and very short if you don't pay 10 dollars extra for the audio guide!
More Chernobyl Museum...
On the weekends Kreschatik, the main street in downtown Kyiv, is closed to motor vehicles and it was all lit up because the started decorating it for the holidays.

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