Sunday, November 25, 2012

Circus Circus!

Every so often my department at Kharkiv National University organizes events for the foreign students and this month we all went to the circus. While most Americans think of the circus as a summer time event most places in the former Soviet Union have permanent venues and arenas for circus shows that happen year round. Here is the arena which says цирк the Russian word for circus.
 This inside of the arena which was not very full.
Our seats were the cheap seats in the last row of the arena but they cost like $5 and we were able to move up after intermission. They even had real popcorn which was tasty and I am clearly very excited about it!
The biggest animals they had were small Shetland ponies...I was hoping for a elephant but maybe next time!
This was a family of male acrobats...not sure where the women were but they were pretty good.
This was a weird magician with four identical assistants.
 The whole cast of the circus at the finale.

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