Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Rotary Visitor

I am the first Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar that the clubs in Kharkiv have ever hosted. This means that everyone has been wonderful and welcoming to me since I arrived. There is one more scholar in my district 2230 (which makes up Poland, Ukraine and Belarus) who is based in Poland. He had a hard time contacting clubs in Poland so he decided to come to Ukraine and meet with clubs here since they are so great! I was able to set up meetings for him at the all three clubs in Kharkiv and attended the meetings in order to translate his speech and answer questions from the Rotarians at these meetings. It was nice to bring a guest to the meetings and we had many people asking us questions about life and politics in the US!

This is us meeting with the Rotary Club Kharkov City.
And our meeting with the Rotary Club Kharkov Mriya.

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