Monday, January 14, 2013

Trafficking Awareness at the Riga Airport

We were able to get a flight to Ukraine a day later than we originally planned and so we went to the Riga airport on Monday for our flight. After sitting at the gate for a while I went to the bathroom and saw this sign. I really couldn't believe my is a poster about the warning signs of human trafficking from Marta Centre the non-governmental organization where I worked for a year. They develop advocacy and awareness campaigns on human trafficking and other women's issues and they also have a shelter rehabilitating victims. This sign tells people to call the trafficking hotline at Marta Centre if they have experienced any of the warning signs of human trafficking during their travels. It was sponsored by the Body Shop and was part of a grant I wrote when I worked there! It was a pretty cool moment for me to see this and know that I was a small part of the reason that sign was there. It was a wonderful last surprise for me in Latvia during human trafficking awareness month!    


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