Monday, January 7, 2013


I was fortunate to be able to come to the US for the holidays during my research. We had originally thought about staying in Ukraine but then my sister set the date of her wedding for December 30, 2012 and we couldn't miss it! Overall it was nice to be home, relax, and visit with everyone. And I only had to explain to one out of every three people who asked me how Russia was that we were not in fact living in Russia but the entirely separate country of Ukraine. Here are some photos from my adventures. 

Matt and I with our crowns from our Christmas crackers.

Matt's grandma is British so we have a traditional British Christmas dinner including goose and of course Christmas pudding which is not pudding at all but a cake that you douse in brandy and light on fire. 
My beautiful little sister on her wedding day!
 Matt and I getting ready!
 The last song/dance!

My good friend from grad school who now lives at home in Germany was visiting her husband's family in Fargo for the holidays and she stopped in MN for a visit. This is us in front of "arguably" the most famous landmark in Minneapolis/St Paul.
We also got drinks with my sister at the Foshay Tower, the first skyscraper in MN built in 1929 and the tallest building until 1971.

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