Sunday, October 7, 2012

One Holy Day

Yesterday, we had beautiful fall weather so we decided to venture out and visit a couple of the churches and a monastery in Kharkiv which turned out to be one holy day! This is a picture of me at Pokrovsky Monastery. 
Monasteries are sacred ground so if you don't want to be charged the tourist entrance fee you need to bring your own scarf and act like you belong!
A random art fair we found on our adventures with some authentic and not so authentic art!
This is Uspensky Cathedral (or the Cathedral of the Assumption in English) that is now a concert hall, thanks to the Soviets.
Matt and I with a view of Blagoveshensky Cathedral, one of the tallest Orthodox cathedrals in the world, in the background.
The is a close up of Blagoveshensky Cathedral which people in town call the candy cane church.

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