Sunday, October 14, 2012

Let's Go to the Mall!

I had a but of a rough week with some residency permit issues so we decided to go to the mall this weekend. It was actually because of the residence permit issues that I ended up having to drive all over town getting paperwork on Tuesday and I saw the mall during these errands so I guess the residence permit issues are not all bad! Whenever my husband and I talk about going to the mall we always sing this song from our favorite television show How I Met Your Mother. 

Now that you have been thoroughly entertained by that wonderful music video here are some pictures of our adventures. Me outside the mall giving it the double thumbs up!
There was a hockey rink inside the mall and since hockey is my favorite sport it was very fun to see some kids scrimmaging on the ice!
We had a huge pizza for lunch which was a little lacking in cheese but we didn't let that deter us!
We also found Starburst candies at the grocery store so after a not so fun week it was nice to partake in some comforts from home!

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