Sunday, March 20, 2016

International Studies Association Conference

The International Studies Association (ISA) Conference was in Atlanta this year and so I thought I would submit a paper since the conference required no travel. ISA is a really International Relations (IR) based conference so I was thinking that I might not be interested in any panels but thankfully there were a number of panels on human trafficking, gender based violence, and the war in Ukraine. In fact, I think there were more panels on Ukraine than on any topic regarding Russia! I presented a forthcoming paper "The Role of Anti-trafficking Organizations in Human Trafficking Policy Implementation" on a panel titled "Business, Activists, Governments, and the Fight against Human Trafficking and Forced Labour: A New Era?" and it was great to meet a number of other scholars researching this issue from an IR perspective. I also enjoyed the moment when my mentee from the University of Kansas called out a panel on Geopolitics and Ukraine for not having any Ukrainian experts or perspectives. I have called it #Ukrainesplaining when experts on Russia think they know something about Ukraine and make stupid comments like Ukrainian and Russian are basically the same language at academic conferences!
A picture of the panel "Russia, Ukraine and the West: The Resurgence of Geopolitics"

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