Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Anti-Trafficking Institutions in Human Trafficking Policymaking

Currently, I am taking a class about online teaching through our Center for Instructional Development at Clayton State. I have learned a lot about teaching such as establishing course objectives and aligning them with substantive items that actually achieve that objective. While this is basic stuff for K-12 teachers we really do not receive a lot of this kind of training in higher education. Since I work at a teaching institution it has been great to learn about ways to improve my teaching through online technology. Our assignment this week was to make an infographic to give students another way to learn the material. Since most of the complex material for American Government already has infographics I decided to make one to display my own research. I am working on a paper looking more at the role of anti-trafficking institutions  in human trafficking policymaking and here is an infographic that displays my findings!

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