Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Last Days in Kazan

After our final exams and final concert we had two days to get things in order before our departure. I used this time to see everything I had been meaning to see all summer! Here is a run down of all the monuments and interesting things I saw not including all the great museums I visited since I can not do them justice here so you will have to visit Kazan yourself to visit them! This is the Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral right down the street from my institute.
This is a picture of me and my tutor Roza during our last lunch at the House of Tea her favorite restaurant on Bauman the main pedestrian street in Kazan.
This is the picture of the Cat of Kazan, a popular Russian folk character.
Here is a picture of my Kazan Cat Toshka! 
 This is a replica of the carriage Catherine the Great took on her trip to Kazan.
Lenin went to university in Kazan and was expelled due to his revolutionary tendencies. This is a monument of a young Lenin in front of Kazan State University.
These is me and Syumbike Tower, the only leaning tower in Kazan as you can see in the photo. If you would like to read the story about the history of this tower see my earlier post

One last photo of all of us before we went our separate ways at the Irish pub in Domodedovo Airport in Moscow!

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