Saturday, October 11, 2014

Global Modern Slavery Directory

Polaris Project, Freedom Fund and Walk Free Foundation released the Global Modern Slavery Directory today. This is the first collaborative effort to combine resources and map non-governmental organizations that work on human trafficking initiatives around the world. According to the website "The Directory aims to map out the contours of the movement worldwide to enable more effective communication among stakeholders." Although there are currently only 949 organizations listed in the database and there are many holes in the data. For example in Russia and Ukraine there are only three organizations listed in each country which does not even begin to scratch the surface of organizations in those two countries. However, there is room to expand the database and you can submit new directory items and expand the database here. The website states that "this first release of the Directory represents the efforts of multiple organizations that have contributed by engaging in thought leadership, sharing contact lists of member and partner organizations, and offering volunteer and staff time to verify organizations for inclusion in the directory." Consequently, there is room to expand the database to make it truly inclusive and representative of the trafficking movement around the world. Despite this shortcoming it is an ambitious effort to identify and connect actors around the world working on this issue. I think it will definitely use it in my future research as a starting point for communication with NGOs in new countries of research. It is also a great reference for students seeking to start researching human trafficking topics in different countries around the world.

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