Monday, August 11, 2014

National Center for Civil and Human Rights

One great thing about moving to Atlanta is the fact that there are tons of things to do here because it is a big city and the capital of Georgia. Consequently, one of the first things on my to do list when I moved here was a visit to the newly opened National Center for Civil and Human Rights.  While most of the museum is devoted to the Civil Rights movement the third floor is called the Global Human Rights Gallery. The gallery begins with the quote below by the former US President Jimmy Carter, Georgia's most famous citizen. The first hall of the gallery has various photos from human rights struggles around the world. There was a big Ukrainian flag from the Orange Revolution that welcomed me as I entered the gallery and I was happy to see the struggles for human rights in my region of the world well represented. 

The main hall has personal stories of human rights advocates from different countries around the world. 

There was a video about the human rights struggles faced by women and girls.

The posts each revealed the human rights abuses involved with the production of things like chocolate, mobile phones, and coffee etc. 

A world map showing human rights abuses around the world and news of recent human rights abuses scrawling across the top of the map.

A more in-depth discussion of different types of human rights abuses in the United States. 

A photo of me in front of the new center and one of the informational posters about human trafficking.

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