Monday, February 4, 2013

A Presentation Update with my Rotary Host Club

My host counselor Igor (president of the Rotary Club-Kharkiv my host club) asked me to come and talk to the club again about my trip back to the US and how my research and studies were progressing in Ukraine. I brought Matt to this meeting, even though he was sick, so they could meet him as well. It was nice to check in with everyone and tell them about everything I have been doing. They also talked about much my Russian had improved since the first time I was there which was nice to hear because sometimes I just get bogged down in my research and studying that I don't notice all the progress I have made!

It was also the man standing at the end of the table's birthday and this is a picture of him giving a toast (there are always at least 10 toasts at every meeting) and reciting some Ukrainian poetry that everyone except me knew by heart!

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